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Kerio Operator

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Kerio Operator - A powerful VoIP business phone system

Kerio Operator is a small business phone system designed to provide enterprise communication power. Since Kerio Operator uses your existing data network to transmit and manage calls, management of the phone system can now shift from a phone expert to an IT administrator. The intuitive web-based admin interface makes it simple and affordable for your IT guy to handle rapid organisational change, configure enterprise tools like voicemail to email and call queues, offer multi-language menu support, and help you avoid hefty international call charges, all before the phone guy can even show up.

Kerio Operator will help your business increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction. With advanced features such as call pickup and busy lamp field support, missed calls are history.

Auto Attendant

Meet your new receptionist who works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no additional cost. The intuitive and easy to configure auto attendant will make your phone system professional. With different rules for working hours, out of office hours and holidays, the caller will always get a response to their call. They can easily navigate through the attendant menus or dial by name directly.

Usage Monitor and Call Recording

Need to spot-check your company's phone habits in real time or as a trend? Kerio Operator can list call queue waiting time statistics and phone call recordings as well as in-progress calls and conferences. It can also instantly report on a history of inbound and outbound phone calls, whether or not they were answered, and how long they lasted. This gives you the chance to see how many phone calls your sales staff are making and how long your customers are waiting on hold.

What is this SIP, VoIP and PBX techno jargon?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange – a phone system capable of creating multiple phone extensions and connecting them to the outside world over a telephony provider line. An IP PBX uses the Internet Protocol (IP) for sending voice communication over the computer network, just like sending an email or instant message. An IP PBX can connect the internal phone network to the outside world over existing phone lines or over an Internet connection. With Kerio Operator, you can call any phone in the world and anyone can call you, no matter what phone they use.

Kerio Operator is an IP PBX. It provides the freedom to choose from a wide choice of phones compatible with the industry standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). These phones range from inexpensive and simple to feature-rich and expensive, from conference call units to attendant console units, from a wide range of IP phone manufactures.

Sound complicated?

It's not. Kerio Operator was created for medium to small businesses. The deployment, configuration and administration is easy and intuitive. With traditional phone systems, a phone expert has to be commissioned each time a new employee joins the company or a change in the system configuration is needed. With Kerio Operator, the same person that administers your computer network can manage the whole phone system, saving time and costs. Automatic configuration with popular SIP phones makes it that much easier.